Construction Trespasser Caught by A K9

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on June 18, 2019

A perimeter fence is a good first line of defense for a construction site, but it isn’t always effective on its own.

A trespasser entered a British Columbia construction site after hours and went inside a storage trailer. Our Stealth security operator was watching and activated the on-site speaker warning. The suspect did not leave, so our operator contacted the security guard service. No one answered. We called the local police.

A K9 unit arrived. Our trained operator directed them to where the trespasser was located, and they placed him under arrest.

When a construction site is unmonitored after hours, it becomes an invitation to intruders. If someone has trespassed onto your site and gets injured, you can be liable.

Stealth Monitoring’s live video surveillance solution allows our trained operators to immediately respond to a situation. Whether the threat is theft, vandalism or a hazardous situation, we can act quickly to help keep your workers and equipment safe.

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