Construction Trespassers Arrested after Attempted Vehicle Break-in

Posted by Ryan Cox on September 8, 2021

The recent rise in the cost of construction materials has led to an increase in thefts and attempted thefts at constructions sites across North America. Would-be thieves are always on the lookout for a quick hit.

In this video, two individuals were seen approaching a parked truck with a trailer parked outside of a construction site. They attempted to break into it but were unsuccessful. The walked away and then tried to enter the construction site but again, did not succeed. Both suspects walked away from the site, but one returned to try his luck breaking into the truck once again.

One of our trained security operators, who had been monitoring the situation, called to dispatch police. When officers arrived, they approached the suspect attempting to break into the truck and placed him under arrest.

Help Protect Your Equipment and Materials with a Proactive Security Solution

Remote video monitoring has proven to be an effective way to help deter construction site crime. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based cameras that are strategically placed around a site to watch for suspicious activity. When something is spotted, like trespassers trying to breach the perimeter fence, the analytics in the cameras will alert the monitoring operators who can then quickly assess the situation and act accordingly.

This can include activating an on-site speaker warning at the intruders and calling to dispatch local authorities. As you saw in the video, because our security personnel acted quickly, police arrived while at least one of the trespassers was still on the scene.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your construction business, contact us.

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