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Copper Pipe Thief Arrested on Site

Posted by Paul Gross on Aug 24, 2020

In this month’s video, duty called for a copper thief. That’s when the police we called showed up.

Shortly after 3 o’clock in the morning, a Stealth security operator saw an individual jump the fence of a Seattle construction site. The operator immediately contacted police and gave them a description of the suspect. The operator also called the guard company monitoring the site, but the call was dropped.

The trespasser picked up several copper pipes and placed them, one at a time, on the outside of the fence. He continued his search around the project site before entering the portable toilet.

Officers arrived and went straight to where the suspect was located. They got him out of the stall, placed him in handcuffs and took him away.

Materials Theft is a Constant Concern

Construction sites are often easy targets for thieves. In addition to equipment and tools, criminals are also interested in copper and other metals. Items that can easily be sold without a trace.

It’s true, contractors face many problems when equipment is stolen. There’s the loss of the equipment, as well as lost production time waiting for replacements. There can be even bigger issues when valuable metals and copper are taken. Thieves have no problem ripping out drywall or ruining weeks’ worth of work to claim their prize. That can prolong a project while the damage is repaired.

Don’t Leave Your Site Vulnerable

Remote video surveillance is a proactive solution that works in real time. Analytics-based surveillance cameras are monitored by security operators to catch activity in progress. When the camera sees something suspicious, like a trespasser climbing over a fence, it will alert the operator who can jump into action.

This solution can provide the highest level of security while minimizing liability and is up to 60% more cost-effective than tradition guards. Additionally, our video review team can analyze hours of footage to save you time and help mitigate risk issues.

If you want more information about a proactive security solution for your construction site, contact us.