Security Guards — Attempted Car Theft Ends In Jail Time

Posted by Rick Charney on March 9, 2018

This month’s focus: Security Guards

Security guards are a common safety solution for many commercial real estate properties. There’s no doubt that having human presence on-site can go a long way in keeping criminals at bay. But are they the best choice?

In this month’s featured video, live remote video surveillance leads police to a would-be car thief.

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Attempted Car Theft Leads to Arrest

When police arrive at the scene of a crime, trained security operators can stay on the phone and direct them to where the incident is occurring. They can also provide real-time information like the number of suspects, their description and location.

Our trained operator sees a trespasser snooping around a shuttle bus parked behind a shopping center. The security guard approaches the area where the shuttle bus is parked and shines his flashlight towards it, seemingly unaware that the suspect is hiding inside. See the full video here.

Alternative Solution for a Security Guard Service

Many commercial property managers hire security guards to help protect against criminal activity. However, this isn't always the best solution. Some armed security guards actually have criminal records associated with domestic violence, drug and alcohol-related offenses, or disciplinary issues from their employment as police officers.

Another concern for properties hiring a security guard service is to understand that some security guards form relationships with the residents, guests, and employees they are hired to protect. This could impact their objectivity. As a result, the hired guard can overlook certain criminal activities involving ‘friends.’ Guards can also have lapses in judgment. They may react incorrectly or not at all. Security guards are unable to be at multiple places simultaneously, which can cause them to miss criminal activity. All of these factors can lead to liability issues, property damage, and financial loss. See the full article here.

Security Video Monitoring Service Helps Police Locate Guard Impersonator

At 9:16 p.m., a trespasser exhibited odd behavior at an Antelope, California shopping center. Dressed in a security guard uniform, the suspect slung a wood palette across the lot and maneuvered his bike toward an entrance behind the shopping center. A shopping center security operator activated the on-site speaker warning, but the suspect remained on the commercial property. The security video monitoring operator called the local police. The suspect picked up the wood palette, carried it up a small flight of stairs, and smashed it on the ground. See the full article here.

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