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Dealership Vandalism — $10,000 in Damages

Posted by Norm Charney on Jul 14, 2015

What a frustration it must be to experience dealership vandalism. Just ask the owners of a car dealership in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. When vandals hit their business, they hit it hard …very hard. The owner of La Marina Auto Sales said a group of teens went on a rampage at his dealership on Easter night. They smashed car windows with cinder blocks and kicked down car mirrors.

The injury is compounded by the needlessness of all this damage. You see, parking lot surveillance cameras at the dealership caught all the mayhem on video tape. The video shows that the teens even took the time to pull out their cellphones and record the crime.

If live monitors had been watching that surveillance tape, it is possible that none of the damage might not have occurred at all.

The parking lot surveillance tape did record the chaos and destruction that went on for about twenty minutes. The surveillance tapes did not stop the damage to the cars. Surveillance video cameras that don’t provide the real-time monitoring component merely record the criminal action. How frustrating it must be for dealership owners to have to watch their inventory and their business livelihood disintegrating under the weaponry of criminal bad-actors!

This was not the first act of dealership vandalism that was experienced. But it was by far the worst. Basically, the managers reported, these young vandalizing men destroyed the entire parking lot.

Now, police work to catch the suspects, and they hope a reward will help speed the process. There’s a $1,000 reward offered for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

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