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Determined Thief Arrested for Trespassing on Idle Construction Site

Posted by Ryan Cox on Nov 12, 2021

In this month’s video, we spotted a someone trespassing trying his best to access some locked buildings on a construction site after hours. When he finally found a way inside, we called police who promptly led him back outside.

On a sunny evening just after 7 o’clock, a Stealth Monitoring security operator was alerted to a trespasser on a construction site. The suspect entered the site and proceeded towards an open courtyard amid some buildings under construction. The individual attempted to open a locked door, then pried open a small window. However, the opening wasn’t big enough for the suspect to crawl through.

The trespasser made his way around various areas of the site. He eventually found his way into one of the buildings and remained there out of camera view. Upon seeing this activity, our operator contacted local authorities and informed them of the suspect’s location.

Police arrived within minutes and found the trespasser inside the building. They promptly exited the building and escorted the suspect from the property where he was arrested and placed into a police van.

Remote Video Monitoring Can Help Ensure A Secure Site

There are many reasons unauthorized people enter a construction site. Among them are to vandalize or damage the work area, steal supplies, climb on equipment and even just for curiosity. No matter what the reasons are, they could seriously harm the project, as well as themselves.

This makes it all the more important to ensure your site is secure, especially after hours. In addition to storing materials and equipment, a construction site should consider adding monitored security cameras. Why monitored? Security cameras alone may be enough to deter some people who have ill intentions. However, if no one is watching them, the best you can hope for is recorded footage after the fact.

With remote video monitoring, a trained security professional uses analytics-based cameras to monitor the entire site. If the analytics in the camera picks up movement, it will alert the monitoring operator who can quickly assess the situation and then act.

In this video, our security operator saw the trespasser attempt to enter a building and then eventually succeed. Because of the operator’s quick action, police were contacted and arrived at the site while the suspect was still there, resulting in an arrest. More importantly, there was no theft or damage.

If you would like more information about remote video monitoring for your construction business, contact us.