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Does Your City Let You Track Neighborhood Crime Like This?

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 20, 2019

Do you know where neighborhood crime is happening in your city? Is it near your home or workplace?

Residents and businesses in Frisco, Texas, have a way to get answers to all their neighborhood crime questions with an interactive visual tool.

Crime Mapping Frisco

Residents and business in Frisco, Texas, can see what kind of crime and where it occurs with this interactive online crime tracking map. When you land on the page, you’ll see icons on the map representing crime that took place in the past two days. The right side lists the crime count followed by the crimes from the selected time. (It can be anywhere between 2 days and 30 days.)

For each crime, the dashboard lists:

  • Incident number
  • Whether there was an arrest
  • Clock range
  • Location type (commercial, residential, or not zoned)
  • Date and time occurred.

Select a crime and the map zooms in to the associated neighborhood. Or select a map icon to learn the basic details of the incident. The map contains filters so you can break out the commercial from the residential. You can further hone the filter to specific crimes.

The map doesn’t identify the exact location of the reported crime or incident. For the sake of public safety, it shows the nearest block. You can access the map at www.friscopd.com/crime.

Why the Frisco Police Department Offers the Crime Tracking Tool

The Frisco Police Department launched this crime tracking system to give citizens and businesses a tool to visually explore crime trends in the city.

“The Frisco Police Department is committed to using technology as another layer of transparency, public access and community engagement with our citizens and business owners,” says Deputy Chief Jason Jenkins of the Frisco Police Department. “It is our hope that the Crime Mapping Dashboard will provide a geographical view of police-related activity to better inform our citizens, which will ultimately lead to a reduction in crime.”

The department updates the data every night. A mobile-friendly version is also available.

Neighborhood Crime Mapping Resources

Some cities also have a similar neighborhood crime tracking tool. One way to find out is to visit CrimeMapping.com, CrimeReports.com, MyLocalCrime.com, or SpotCrime.com
and enter your zip code. You can zoom out until you see the crime icons.

Here are some real-life examples from other cities as they use a different system: