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Don Brown Chevrolet Cuts Security Expenses in Half While Getting 10 Times the Coverage

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Dec 1, 2021


Automotive dealerships face a wide variety of threats, not unlike other businesses. However, one big difference is that most other businesses don’t keep their expensive inventory sitting outside in the open.

Don Brown, owner of Don Brown Chevrolet in St. Louis, knows first-hand how challenging it can be to secure a dealership. “Security has always been an issue for us,” says Mr. Brown. “For years, we had a guard service, so we had presence, but the criminals, not all of them are dumb. They would know when the guard was at the other end of the lot. So, we’d have tires and wheels stolen from a vehicle that was located right here under the canopy.”

Live Video Monitoring. More Than Just a Crime Deterrent

Don Brown Chevrolet no longer uses guards to patrol their lot. Instead, Mr. Brown contacted Stealth, who created a customized solution for their dealership. Cameras were placed strategically around the lot, including in the service department.

These have proven to be especially beneficial in dealing with false claims. Prior to installing the service lane cameras, it was easy for customers to claim the dealership scratched their vehicle, especially if an adviser didn’t note any damage when the vehicle was brought in. Now, not only do the cameras provide a 180-degree view, but they also allow employees to follow the vehicle around the entire lot.

According to Mr. Brown, “Stealth can help you with security, with operating your business, and all the stuff we find during the day that you don’t realize. That cuts down on the surprises. I know them before I walk in the door in the morning.” Mr. Brown added, “A guard can see one angle. Stealth can see all angles.”

Watch the entire testimonial to find out more, including how Stealth scared away a dangerous smash-and-grab ring that was wreaking havoc on dealerships in the city.

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