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Drug Activity in Apartment Laundry Room Ends in Real-Time Police Arrest

Posted by Jamie Lynch on Jul 22, 2021

True protection of multifamily residential housing goes beyond just installing video surveillance cameras. Security cameras keep an eye on the spaces they are positioned to “see,” however, if trained professionals are not watching on the other end, security becomes reactive rather than proactive. For example, viewing video recordings of a crime that occurred two days ago in your community does little good as the crime is already completed. Proactive security is accomplished with live video monitoring as potential crimes are noticed in real time and appropriate action is taken in that moment.

A skilled Stealth Monitoring operator viewed a group arriving at a main door of the multifamily residential building positioned near an Interstate, main highway and the public city transit station in California. The group appeared to force open the door that led into a lobby-type area by pulling until it opened. This prompted the operator to call local police.

The group of four then moved into the on-site laundry room. Our operator called police back to update them as to the potential loiterers’ on-site location. The operator noted that he saw what appeared to be cannabis, a scale and some bags. The operator updated the police with this information as well.

The loitering group left the laundry room and repositioned themselves at an outdoor, poolside, picnic table. Three police officers arrived and approached the group. One ran away while another resisted being placed in handcuffs by officers. The confrontation ended when police handcuffed two of the loiterers and led them toward police cruisers.

Safeguarding Your Residents, Community and Surrounding Areas

Architectural features can help deter criminal activity. Of the ones mentioned by The Counselors of Real Estate regarding multifamily dwellings in particular are those that protect people from crime. Community management practices, such as installing video surveillance cameras on-property, and investing in professional, live video monitoring communicates to residents that safety and security is taken seriously.

At times when community managers and other employees are off property, our operators can step in, watching your community in real time. They can activate speakers to issue verbal warnings to trespassers and loiterers, as well as call police to help deter potential crime and unwelcomed behavior. Identified team members can also be contacted to stay apprised of any on-site activity. This can all be achieved for up to 60% less that the cost of courtesy officers.

We look forward to speaking with you about your multifamily community and creating a customized security solution with live video monitoring. Contact us now for more information.