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Drug Use on Commercial Properties

Posted by Rick Charney on May 20, 2020

Two people were caught dealing drugs in a Walmart parking lot. A pair of men were arrested after they were spotted allegedly using drugs in a shopping center parking lot. A drug transaction was witnessed in the parking lot of a Kansas mall.

Why do these types of illicit activities continue to occur in public places? More specifically, shopping centers. Perhaps it’s the allure of their anonymity. It’s much easier to blend in when there are a lot of other people and cars around. Drug dealers don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

In the first part of the video above, one of our trained Stealth security operators saw an individual enter the stairwell of a shopping center. He pulled out a glass pipe, lit it and began to smoke the unknown substance inside. When he was finished, he got up and walked out. Our monitoring operator contacted the local police. Officers arrived minutes later and apprehended the suspect.

In the second video, we saw a group of individuals smoking a banned substance outside of a retail center in broad daylight. Again, our security operator contacted police. As officers arrived, several of the suspects walked away. One individual remained inside a restaurant on the property. The police went inside and placed him under arrest.

How Drug Deals Can Hurt Your ROI

If incidents of drug deals and drug use continue to occur at your property, they can lead to other issues like loitering, vandalism, theft, and violent crime. When crime plagues your shopping center, you can lose customers and tenants.

Live video monitoring is an effective security solution that can help deter unwanted activity. Trained security operators watch live surveillance cameras and can act immediately if they see anything suspicious. Because we are watching in real time, this increases the chances officers will arrive before the suspects have a chance to leave.

Unlike security guards who can only be in one place at a time, we can watch multiple areas simultaneously, with greater coverage and for up to 60% less cost.

If you want more information about how our proactive security solution can help your retail center, contact us.