Drug Users Arrested in Public Park Elevator

Posted by Reba Davidson on March 18, 2022

In this month’s Commercial Arrest of the Month video, our proactive, remote video surveillance security solution caught individuals using drugs inside a public park common-use elevator. Though difficult to deter these suspects, our solution prevailed, leading to deterrence of on-property drug use as well as an arrest.

Around 3:30 p.m., an individual entered a public park elevator. The individual’s back was to the camera, but a highly trained Stealth security operator noticed an orange flash of light that seemed to indicate a quick burst of flame. The individual stepped back, revealing what appeared to be drug paraphernalia in hand and exhaled smoke.

Our operator contacted the property’s security guard. The guard was not on the property, so our operator contacted police to report drug activity. The individual exited the elevator and sauntered around outside.

Our operator saw the same individual return to the park area, followed by two other people. They headed straight toward the elevator. The group of three boarded and began doing drugs inside the elevator. Our operator called police dispatch a second time. Two of the individuals exited the elevator but the third stayed behind.

By this time, the public park security guard had arrived on property and intercepted the individual upon exiting the elevator. The guard escorted the individual toward waiting police officers who handcuffed the individual and arrested him.

When Suspects Just Don’t Get the Hint, Remote Video Monitoring Prevails

Sometimes suspects participating in unwanted activities on your site need persistent urging to deter for good. Individuals need to understand just how serious you are about keeping your property free from illegal activities such as drug use, theft, vandalism and the like.

As seen in the above video, the drug-using suspects just didn’t get the initial hint. They kept returning to the same elevator and using drugs inside even though police officers and the property’s security guard had both previously escorted them off property. However, our remote video monitoring solution was there each time the suspects returned, recording their behaviors, and allowing off-site monitoring operators to see real time activity and act to deter it.

One of our high-definition cameras, programmed with advanced video analytics, was installed inside the elevator. This enabled the camera to detect could-be suspicious behavior and alert the operator to take over. As soon as our operator saw the people using drugs, each time, immediate action was taken to deter the behavior. This combination of technology and human intelligence used together persistently resulted in ultimate deterrence of drug use on this property – two of the suspects finally seemingly fled the premises while the other suspect was arrested and removed from the property.

Contact our commercial security specialists to discuss your security-related needs and how Stealth’s proactive, remote video surveillance solution can help deter unwanted people and behaviors off your property – usually at up to a 60% savings than traditional security methods.

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