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Early Morning Parking Lot Disturbance Ends in Arrest

Posted by David Charney on Dec 22, 2021

Your responsibility as a property owner/manager is to provide a peaceful, secure place for people to live. If something jeopardizes the safety of your residents, that could negatively impact vacancy rates, your reputation and NOI.

Shortly before two o’clock in the morning, a trained Stealth Monitoring operator spotted an individual walking toward a white sedan parked in the lot. The person placed an article of clothing inside the backseat of the car before walking onto the patch of grass in front of the vehicle and start yelling at someone in an upstairs window. The subject was shaking a fist and screaming. At one point, the individual threw an object toward the upstairs window.

Our operator called to dispatch police due the nature of the activity as well as the time of day it was occurring. Two police cruisers arrived shortly. About the same time, another individual appeared, walking down the sidewalk towards the parking lot. One officer escorted her back up the sidewalk where she was questioned.

The original subject who was causing the disturbance was handcuffed and placed inside one of the police vehicles.

Keeping the Peace with Live Video Monitoring

Most people want to live in a peaceful home with little disruption. When someone rents a property, they are given the right to enjoy that property without interference or disruption, under the Implied Warranty of Quiet Enjoyment. According to Nolo, this disruption of quiet enjoyment may constitute a legal nuisance.

In other words, your residents are entitled to live in an environment without recurring disruptions. If someone or a group of people participate in activities that makes other residents feel unsafe, it could lead to legal action, as well as have other detrimental ramifications for you.

Live video monitoring is a proactive and cost-effective way to help maintain a safe and secure environment. Trained security professionals monitor analytics-based cameras to watch out for suspicious and unwanted activity around your community. If something happens, such as a disturbance between residents in the middle of the night, our operators can quickly take action to help diffuse the situation.

Stealth also provides a video review service. We have a team of analysts who can review hours of footage from all relevant cameras and provide video evidence of any incident. This can prove beneficial in police investigations and insurance claims.

If you would like more information about live video monitoring for your multifamily community…a solution that can save you up to 60 percent on your security spend…contact us.