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Erratic Individual Cause for Concern at Apartment Community

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Apr 21, 2022

The safety of your property and residents is a top concern. When residents feel safe, it can create a sense of belonging and encourage them to remain loyal to your community. When they feel threatened, it could cause them to seek a more secure place to live.

In this Arrest of the Month video, we took action after seeing erratic behavior from a hammer-wielding individual.

Around 10:30 one morning, a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted an individual walking around an apartment community carrying two hammers. His erratic behavior was cause for concern, so our monitoring operator called police. The operator then contacted the security guard to let them know police had been contacted. That same individual was seen again in a physical altercation with someone else. Responding officers arrived and apprehended the suspect.

Resident Satisfaction = Greater Resident Retention at Your Apartment Community

There may be safety in numbers, but there’s definitely satisfaction in safety. It’s no secret that happy residents will be more likely to stay, refer their friends and leave positive reviews. Unsatisfied residents can have adverse effects, including higher turnover which can be costly.

Since one of the biggest causes of resident turnover is crime, it is critical to have an effective security solution in place. Live video monitoring combines technology (analytics-based cameras) with human intelligence (trained security operators) to proactively monitor properties in real time to catch activity in progress.

As you saw in the video, our monitoring professional acted immediately upon seeing the erratic behavior of the individual, helping to minimize damage and fearful residents. Police quickly arrived to diffuse the situation before anyone was hurt.

If you are interested in more information about a proactive security solution for your multifamily community, contact us.