Female Loiterers Arrested in Apartment Business Center

Posted by Blake Mitchell on January 21, 2019

Catch of the Month Newsletter: Female Loiterers Arrested in Apartment Business Center

In this month’s featured video, two women enter an apartment business center and linger for over an hour.

Watch the Video: Female Loiterers Arrested in Apartment Business Center

In this video, two female loiterers entered a business center at an Austin, Texas apartment complex. They turned on the lights and stayed for over an hour. Our trained security operators were watching and called the Austin police. Officers arrived, released one of the women and placed the other one under arrest.

Late-night activity in resident common areas can lead to property damage and a tarnished reputation. Stealth operators can help deter unwanted visitors with on-site speaker warnings and will call police directly if the situation escalates. Our video analysts can also provide footage to help property managers identify perpetrators.

Top Apartment Trends for 2019

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Many residents are willing to pay more for in-unit washers and dryers to avoid communal laundry areas. Millennials, a more nomadic generation, tend to build lifestyles around hassle-free living. Many are leaning towards fully-furnished apartments. Communal work spaces, urban gardens, as well as health and wellness programs are also cropping up at multi-family residential properties. Click here to read the full article.

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Multi-Family Residential Industry

Every industry has a need for AI capabilities, from transportation and retail to health care and manufacturing, and yes, even multi-family residential. Just how will it impact your property? An article in Multifamily Executive Intel listed a few ways, including automated property management, proactive maintenance and the ability to conduct more targeted marketing. Click here to read the full article.

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