Fight Outside Shopping Center Ends in Arrest

Posted by Rick Charney on March 25, 2022

Because retail centers house varying types of businesses that attract a diverse group of clientele, they can be vulnerable to a wide range of security and safety risks. From break-ins and vandalism to parking lot issues, and the safety of both customers and employees, a shopping center needs superior protection.

Around midnight, a man dressed in dark pants and blazer could be seen running towards an open door of a banquet hall at a California retail center. A woman was following closely behind him. Approaching the door from another direction was a man rolling two, wheeled-catering carts. He entered the building as the man in the blazer stood in the doorway.

The female attempted to enter the building but was shoved back by the male in the blazer. She attempted again to enter the building, only to be pushed to the ground. As this was happening, another individual wearing dark pants, a white dress shirt and a dark tie hanging loosely around his neck approached the entrance. Three men now stood in the doorway preventing the woman from entering.

A trained Stealth Monitoring security operator, who had been closely monitoring the situation, called to dispatch police. The altercation continued between the female and now four other individuals. Responding officers were at the scene within minutes. After questioning all relevant parties, the woman was taken into custody.

Live Video Monitoring to Protect Your Valuable Assets

Nothing is more important than the safety of your tenants and their customers. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in a security solution that has numerous long-term benefits.

Live video monitoring combines advanced video analytics with human intelligence. Trained security operators, safely located in remote locations, watch live security cameras to help catch activity in progress. We can see more of the property at one time than a traditional security guard or security patrol and work directly with local authorities to help prevent activity and minimize liability before anything happens.

In addition, we have a team of analysts who can search through hours of video footage on your behalf to investigate any issues you have and present you with the result, saving your staff valuable time.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your retail property, contact us.

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