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Forced Entry into Apartment Leads to Arrest

Posted by David Charney on Aug 22, 2022

Property managers are responsible for every aspect of the resident experience, especially their safety. While there is no way to prevent every incident before it happens, there are things that can be put in place that will help diffuse and resolve certain threats.

A Stealth Monitoring security operator saw someone attempting to force his way into an apartment unit by kicking on the door. Once he was successfully inside, he seemed to be engaging in a verbal altercation with another individual. Our monitoring professional contacted local police. Moments later, three officers were seen entering the property. They made their way to the unit, placed handcuffs on the suspect and left the property with him.

Protect Resident Safety and Minimize Damage

No matter where a multifamily property is located, the risks of criminal activity must be anticipated. No property is completely immune to threats. It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to maintain a safe environment to the best of their ability. If residents don’t feel secure, they will move and leave property management to deal with the costly consequences.

With all the advancements in technology, more multifamily communities are turning to live video monitoring to help secure their assets. This proactive solution combines video analytics with human intelligence to help deter loss and damage before it happens. Trained security operators monitor surveillance cameras equipped with video analytics to watch properties in real time. When they see something suspicious, they can quickly evaluate the situation and act.

In the above video, police were called immediately after spotting the intruder and assessing the activity. Knowing we were watching a crime in progress, they sent officers to the scene as soon as possible. Because police arrived while the suspect was still there, they were able to easily make an arrest and diffuse a potentially dangerous situation.

Quick action can help to greatly minimize damage and loss, as well as make your residents feel secure. If you would like more information about live video monitoring for your multifamily community, contact us. We will be happy to provide more insight into the many benefits of a proactive security solution.