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Commercial Security Camera Systems Detect Trespassers

Posted by Rick Charney on Feb 13, 2018

At 1:13 AM a trained Stealth monitor saw shopping center trespassers with commercial security camera systems. Two individuals drove to the back of the Dallas-area Texas property, exited the car, and took something from the trunk. A Stealth operator activated the audible warning. The criminals did not leave after the speaker alert. Stealth called local police. The Carrollton police arrived and apprehended the shopping center trespassers.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Shopping Center Trespassers Caught

Stealth commercial security camera systems at your shopping center can help deter similar incidents before they occur. Visible cameras and signs warn shopping center trespassers, vandals, and thieves that your property is protected by Stealth. A speaker warning can prompt criminals to leave the vicinity before they break into buildings and vehicles and cause damage, loss, or theft.

The live monitoring of commercial security camera systems is a part of the Stealth video security solution that combines commercial IP video cameras, human intelligence, and video analytics software. Video cameras include high resolution IP PTZ, full body, vandal dome, and bullet camera models. Trained Stealth operators use the cameras to watch for suspicious behavior on client property.

Stealth Monitoring is a leader in proactive live surveillance with over 9,000 video cameras watched nationwide. The commercial security camera systems can detect and deter crime in Carrollton, Dallas and other cities in Texas and the U.S. while reducing security guard and other expenses. A Stealth operator can see unusual activity in real-time, activate a speaker warning to deter the thieves, and call the local police.

Please contact Stealth today for more information to protect your shopping center with commercial security camera systems. Visit our web site to see actual videos of criminals being apprehended at shopping centers, as well as other businesses.