How Live Video Monitoring Helps Auto Dealerships with After-Hour Loitering/​Trespassing

Posted by Jeff Purtell on July 29, 2021

The act of loitering – remaining idle in a public place for an extended period for no apparent reason – doesn’t sound like much of a crime. However, in addition to some of the other suspicious acts that people do during that time, criminals loitering often is an opportunity to scope out a target site, test police response or plan for more criminal activity.

This compilation video showcases instances of loitering and trespassing and what often happens after someone lingers on a lot, resulting in questionable activities on four different auto dealerships’ properties, including inventory lots and a parking garage. The incidents and results highlight how trained Stealth monitoring operators acted quickly to help deter or deflect future crime.

Section 1: Trespasser Acts Suspiciously at Dealership

An individual trespassed onto an auto dealership and was noticed walking about the parked inventory by a Stealth security operator. The trespasser roamed around the lot, which at first was not alarming. However, the suspicious behavior that followed prompted our trained operator to call to dispatch police.

Officers promptly arrived on site, confronted the trespasser and handcuffed him.

Section 2: Suspect Seen Accessing Multiple Vehicles

Around 4:00am, a trained Stealth security operator spotted a suspicious individual lurking around an auto dealership. Our operator used alerts from our camera’s advanced analytics and acted on the customized site protocols to make an immediate decision to help protect the dealerships’ assets. Noticing the suspicious individual inside of parked vehicle inventory, our operator called police and continued to watch him as he got inside another vehicle prior to police arrival on scene.

When the individual noticed police had arrived, he ran and attempted to evade the officers. Our quick-reacting operator kept a close watch on the suspect, however, switching to different cameras based on new analytic events and redirect the officers. Our operator was able to see police make contact with the suspect and place him under arrest.

Section 3: Individual with Narcotics is Pulled from a Vehicle and Arrested

One of our highly trained Stealth security operators noticed an individual carrying a black tote bag into a parking garage of an auto dealership at approximately 4:55 in the morning. Filled with parked vehicles, the individual gained access into one of the unlocked cars. Our highly trained operator activated the on-site speaker warning the perpetrator they were being monitored with live video, but the individual did not comply and it was unsuccessful at driving them off.

Our operator then escalated per the protocols for the site and called local police. Three officers arrived, pulled the individual out of the car and detained him. Our operator said that narcotics appeared to be found and police took the perpetrator into custody.

Section 4: A Man is Spotted Going Between Cars Trying to Gain Access

A skilled Stealth operator observed a suspicious individual walking between vehicles in an auto dealerships’ parking lot after hours attempting to gain access to vehicles. Using the installed and calibrated on site camera system, our operator saw the individual gain access to a car and notified police immediately.

Upon police arrival, the suspect began running around the lot between cars attempting to thwart police; however, our operator kept close watch on the suspect. A police officer caught the suspect and handcuffed him taking the individual into custody.

Loitering and Trespassing: A Common Security Concern for Auto Dealerships

Random people hanging out on your property can prevent customers from visiting your dealership. Allowing loitering can also project a lax attitude toward security, which can lead to other crime or attempted crimes such as theft, vandalism, property damage, site accidents and more.

Stealth offers a customized security solution targeted toward auto dealerships’ unique security threats. Our live video monitoring performs in real time, recognizing events in progress. Additionally, our monitoring operators are trained on what to look for and how to appropriately handle potential critical situations taking place on your property. Following site levels protocols, operators will try to deter the theft using an audible warning and escalate to police if the individual does not comply to help move loiterers and trespassers off your property.

Contact us about our proactive auto dealership live video monitoring security solution for your auto dealership and how you can save up to 60% of your security costs.

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