Automotive Dealerships

4 Ways to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks

Posted by Shawna Ivy on January 18, 2021

Every apartment building, commercial property, retail center, and construction site has controls in place to prevent injuries and incidents that could affect employees, tenants, and visitors. The hustle and bustle of the workday can easily cause some to let their guard down,…

Video Surveillance Trends to Watch in 2021

Posted by Colin Bodbyl on January 14, 2021

The video surveillance industry typically follows behind technology innovation in other spaces. 2021 is expected to be no different, with multiple technologies from the IT industry making their way into the video surveillance space. Below are three areas we expect to see growth…

Solve These 7 Problems with Video Surveillance

Posted by Matthew Clark on January 11, 2021

When people hear "Video surveillance," their first thought is security. Yes, video surveillance is a proactive technology for deterring crime, but did you know it solves other problems businesses face? Check out these seven problems and how video surveillance helps to solve…

What Four Things Will Help Prevent Holiday Crime?

Posted by Mark Mariotti on December 22, 2020

This is not going to be a typical holiday season. Granted, the pandemic means changing up your family gatherings. It will also affect your business beyond safety measures. That's because crime always increases during the holiday season. Thieves act like Grinches in stealing…

What This New Reality Means for Physical Security

Posted by Matthew Clark on December 10, 2020

Most have accepted that there is no going back to normal. Normal being the times before COVID-19. One thing that many have come to accept is that a new normal will emerge. Even with vaccines on the horizon, companies know they need to prepare for the long-term reality ahead. It…

Here's How to Help Prevent Dealership Vandalism

Posted by Norm Charney on November 23, 2020

In Oakland, California, a Mercedes-Benz dealership was vandalized as trespassers wrecked and spray-painted vehicles. They set at least one vehicle on fire. A Twitter video showed protesters inside the dealership jumping on the cars and kicking the windows. Another dealership in…

For the 12th Straight Year, Stealth Monitoring Ranks in the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

Posted by Blake Mitchell on October 27, 2020

Canadian Business Announces its List for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies Toronto, ON (October 2020) Canadian Business has unveiled its 32nd annual Growth 500 List, ranking Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Once again, Stealth Monitoring appears on the list, this year as…

Party at a Car Dealership

Posted by Norm Charney on October 19, 2020

In this month’s video, a group of teens decided to have some good, clean fun inside a auto dealership’s car wash.