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This Is How Crime Affects Commercial Property Management in the Pandemic

Posted by Matthew Clark on November 13, 2020

The pandemic has forced some large retailers to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of this month, Forbes reports more than 14,000 stores have closed this year. In 2019, almost 10,000 stores closed. What about the smaller retailers? The definition of a smaller retailer is one…

Trespasser Caught at Wholesale Boat Distributor

Posted by Eric Nauta on November 4, 2020

A Stealth trained security operator spotted someone crawling under the fence to gain entry into a Houston wholesale boat dealer around 4:30 a.m. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning and contacted police. Officers arrived and began searching the property. Our…

Public Urination Behind Business Complex

Posted by Eric Nauta on November 2, 2020

You never know what goes on at your commercial property when you’re not there, but we do.

For the 12th Straight Year, Stealth Monitoring Ranks in the Canadian Business Growth 500 List

Posted by Blake Mitchell on October 27, 2020

Canadian Business Announces its List for Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies Toronto, ON (October 2020) Canadian Business has unveiled its 32nd annual Growth 500 List, ranking Canada’s fastest-growing companies. Once again, Stealth Monitoring appears on the list, this year as…

Experts Agree: Temperature Screening is Ineffective

Posted by Blake Mitchell on September 9, 2020

Earlier this year, we posted an article about the effectiveness of fever-detecting cameras. In it, we cited multiple examples from industry experts who put the cameras to the test. They found the cameras to be an imprecise tool for determining who may be infected with…

A Case of Meddling Metal Thieves

Posted by Rick Charney on August 24, 2020

In this month’s video, two suspects wielding bolt cutters attempt to meddle with electrical boxes.

Car Crime - Pilfering in the Parking Lot

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on August 12, 2020

Based on annual car theft statistics from 2007-2016, a motor vehicle is stolen every 6.5 minutes in the United States. How can you help keep your parking lot from contributing to this statistic?

Dumpster Divers Arrested

Posted by Rick Charney on August 10, 2020

Two individuals were seen crawling into the dumpster behind a shopping center in Brunswick, Georgia. Our trained Stealth security operator alerted local police. Officers arrived and instructed the two suspects to exit the dumpster. Both individuals were handcuffed and taken away…