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What Can You Do to Fortify Office Building Security?

Posted by David Charney on October 4, 2019

Can you relate to this? The manager of an office building needed to find a security solution to stop vehicle damage in the parking lot, vandalism, trespassing, and break-ins. The security guard services didn't work and became too expensive. The manager also tried installing an…

For the Best Retail Security, Consider Video Monitoring

Posted by Rick Charney on September 20, 2019

Organized retail crime (ORC) has reached an all-time high per the National Retail Federation's 14th annual Organized Retail Crime (ORC) study. ORC includes cargo theft, professional shoplifting, retail crime rings, and other organized crime in retail environments. More than 90…

5 Benefits of an Integrated Security System

Posted by Rick Charney on September 18, 2019

Most businesses know the value of systems integration. An integrated system allows all the business's apps and tools to seamlessly work together. It improves customer service, increases efficiencies, and boosts sales. This is also true of integrated security systems. Here's a…

Do You Have Loiterers on Your Commercial Property?

Posted by Rick Charney on September 13, 2019

There’s loitering and then there’s drunk loitering.

Stealth Monitoring Makes The Growth 500 List For The 11th Straight year!

Posted by Blake Mitchell on September 12, 2019

Canadian Business unveils annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies Toronto, ON (September 12, 2019) Canadian Business and Maclean’s today ranked Stealth Monitoring No. 296 on the annual Growth 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Produced…

Why You Need to Worry about Loitering

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on August 19, 2019

Many municipalities have laws against camping on public property. As a result, it drives people to private commercial properties. A vagrant loitering on commercial properties is bad for business. Unwelcome people who hang around your commercial property — whether it's a shopping…

Is Your Office Security Solution as Effective as It Could Be?

Posted by David Charney on August 16, 2019

Download Your Complete Guide to Securing Your Office Now. Office security is a vital part of protecting your business. While security technology continues to evolve, criminals have also become more creative in their tactics. According to the FBI’s U.S. Crime Record, thieves…

This Is What You Need to Do to Reduce Liability

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on August 12, 2019

Businesses may not worry about liability because they think insurance will take care of it. However, general liability insurance doesn't always cover it. Liability can greatly affect companies in many ways. Even if the insurance company approves of a claim, it can take a while.…