Shopping Center & Retail

A Smashed Window and a Car Chase End in Arrest

Posted by Rick Charney on March 23, 2020

In this month’s video, three suspects smash a window and break into a storefront.

How Do You Calculate Your Return on Security Investment?

Posted by Eric Nauta on March 13, 2020

Measuring the return on investment of a product is easy. You add up the expenses related to creating and managing it. Then you take the number of sales and subtract all related expenses. Unfortunately, it's not so simple to figure out what kind of return you get on your…

Stealth Monitoring at a Glance

Posted by Blake Mitchell on March 12, 2020

Stealth Monitoring is North America’s leading provider of live video monitoring solutions, with U.S. headquarters in Dallas, TX and Canadian headquarters in Toronto, ON. Our proactive video monitoring technology, combined with human intelligence, can help detect and deter crime…

Why Video Surveillance Is the Ideal Crime Deterrent

Posted by Melissa Parsons on March 11, 2020

You may have heard that video surveillance deters crime and helps bring criminals to justice. Can it actually do that? Or is it a marketing ploy? Maybe the New York Times story about the East Orange police department in New Jersey will answer that. How a Police Department…

Stealth’s Security Experts Were On-Hand at ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making

Posted by Matthew Clark on March 5, 2020

Stealth Monitoring’s team of retail and shopping center security experts was in attendance at the ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making, March 2nd and 3rd, in National Harbor, Maryland. We were delighted to meet with so many retail industry professionals. Retail…

Shopping Center Parking Lot Brawl

Posted by Amy Hite on February 27, 2020

A car was seen driving around the parking lot of a Maryland shopping center. The driver stopped the car and was approached by an individual. Two more people stepped out in front of the car. One member of the trio appeared to taunt the driver. The car backed up and pulled into a…

The Evolution of Video Surveillance

Posted by Melissa Parsons on February 26, 2020

When George Orwell published the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four in 1949, who knew that it would describe video surveillance through devices like two-way telescreens or two-way televisions that we would see something like that today? In the story, the residents of Oceania…

How Did Live Video Monitoring Help One Shopping Center Reduce Crime and Save Money?

Posted by Rick Charney on February 26, 2020

A Dallas shopping center was having an issue with crime at their property. Semi-trucks were parking in their lot overnight. Drug dealers, homeless people and other vagrants were making themselves at home. Of the eight shopping centers owned by Green Earth Realty, this one retail…