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Intruder Accessed Construction Site and Found Inside a Building

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Mar 9, 2022

Active constructions sites are filled with danger that trespassers and intruders often don’t know about or notice when gaining unauthorized access. There may be a container of spilled nails that the intruder could step on and injury his/her foot. Maybe there is a ditch being dug and the intruder falls into it. Whatever the danger, the construction company could be held liable for any harm or injury that an intruder sustains.

Video verification that an intruder was in fact trespassing could help prove that the construction company is not at fault. The following shows Stealth’s proactive security solution capturing real time video data of a trespasser on an active construction site and how we successfully deterred the situation.

At night, an individual was seen entering an active construction site by a trained Stealth security operator. Our operator watched as the individual walked across the site and approached some perimeter fencing. Per established property protocol, on-call security was called and informed of the situation as was the local police mounted patrol.

The individual tossed what appeared to be a blanket over the fence before climbing over it himself. The trespasser retrieved the item, walked toward a building under construction and entered it.

Minutes later, police cruisers arrived at the site. The intruder was apprehended, handcuffed and arrested.

Remote Video Monitoring with Established Protocols Work Together to Deter Intrusion

Construction site trespassers can create considerable liability issues for construction companies. Should the trespasser sustain injury while on a site – even when unauthorized to be there – the construction company could be responsible. This can especially be true when there’s no video proof to support verbal claims.

The duty to maintain a safe environment for anyone –workers, vendors, visitors, vandals, trespassers and thieves – who sets foot onto a site lies on the construction company. Company owners and managers must do everything within their scope to keep people safe – from providing employees with proper training and supplying them with personal protective equipment (PPE) to posting warning signs for random individuals to “Keep Out” or “Danger: Risk of Electric Shock,” and other types of quick messaging to help keep safety a top priority.

Even with safety checks in place and strategies practiced, liability claims that result in a lawsuit can cost construction companies more than their general liability coverage payout. There’s even the possibility for individuals to fake injuries and file fraudulent claims. On top of that, insurance premiums could increase, reputations could suffer and operational expenses could be required to cover any resulting damage payout should a judge find in the favor of the Plaintiff.

Stealth’s proactive remote video monitoring solution can help construction companies deter situations that could lead to liability claims before they happen. Our construction security specialists work with construction companies and each of their projects to determine the best places to install cameras that are pre-programmed with advanced analytics. Our specialists help company owners and managers determine protocols – steps to be taken should certain unwanted activities be detected by our solution.

Once installed and activated, our cameras watch 24/7 for activities, not just motion. The pre-installed analytics enable the technology to filter through live video streams, searching for and detecting certain activities. When one of these activities is detected, the system alerts a highly qualified Stealth monitoring operator who takes over to quickly assess and act based on established protocols that appear on their screen to help deter unwanted activities.

In this video, our operator was alerted by our solution and took over the trespassing situation by following pre-established protocols. This construction company wanted on-call security to be contacted, followed by police. Our operator followed through with the protocol, which resulted in arrest of the suspect.

Contact our construction security specialists today to discuss how Stealth can help minimize liabilities by keeping a watchful eye on your sites for up to 60% less than the cost of traditional security measures.