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Intruder on Construction Site Caught and Arrested

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Jan 25, 2022

It’s no longer a question of “if” your construction site will be breached. It’s when; by whom; how; and what can you do to help prevent trespassing, thieves, intruders, vandals and others from accessing your site, causing damage and other unwanted activities?

The answer is Stealth’s proactive, customized remote video monitoring security solution for construction sites. This video shows how our solution helped to prevent potential theft, injury and liability concerns by proactively seeing an intruder and acting in that moment to deter the event.

At night, a highly trained Stealth security operator saw an individual jump over the perimeter fence of an active construction site and enter a building under construction. Our operator immediately called local police dispatch to report the incident and continued to watch the intruder.

The intruder exited the building, carrying a ladder. First, the trespasser stopped beside an on-site storage container and briefly rummaged through items beside it. Moving on, the individual then approached another on-site storage container with items beside it and looked around. The trespasser placed the ladder beside the storage container and walked to a third on-site storage container to look around it with a flashlight.

Police officers promptly arrived on-site. Police later reported back to Stealth that they intercepted and arrested the suspect.

Timely Response Created by Remote Video Monitoring Allows Unwanted Events to be Deterred

For a frame of reference, FMI Corp forecast that by 2023, U.S. construction spending will total $68 billion for multifamily residential and $314 billion for single-family residential. This is just a single type of building and does not consider others such as medical facilities, retail, etc. that will create a high number of active construction sites that need efficient, effective security.

As seen in the above video, as soon as the intruder came into our high-definition video camera’s view, it notified a highly qualified Stealth monitoring operator who took over. This happened because each of our cameras come pre-programmed with advanced video analytics that allow our technology to filter through live video streams and detect certain activities.

It’s the combination of advanced video analytics and human intelligence that allows for timely responses. Technology notifies one of our operators and they immediately take over to assess in-progress situations and act to deter them. The sooner we act the sooner the unwanted situation can be stopped which helps to deter theft, loitering and potential injury.

Our solution is typically 25-60% more cost-effective than traditional security solutions and it provides recording and archiving of your construction site’s activities 24/7. Our solution provides the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability – no direct human contact needed from Stealth employees.

Contact our construction site specialists to discuss a customized proactive Stealth security solution for your construction site to help deter unauthorized intrusion, loitering and potential injury.