Late-Night Loiterer’s Plans Go up in Flames

Posted by Rick Charney on November 19, 2019

In this month’s video, a late-night loiterer ignites trouble at a California shopping center.

A hooded individual carrying a paper bag was seen approaching the sidewalk of a California shopping center. The suspect removed something from the bag, lit it on fire and placed it on the metal grate encircling a tree. He put the bag on the ground and sat down next to it. He then pulled out several more pieces of paper and continued to light each one until he achieved a sizeable flame. Our trained Stealth security operator immediately contacted the local police.

Responding officers arrived within minutes of receiving our call and questioned the suspect before placing him in under arrest.

Loiterers Can Be Damaging to Your Property

Loitering is a common problem at many commercial properties, especially retail centers. These unwelcome guests can become security concerns. Not only can they deter customers, they can create a bad image for the property and even worse, cause costly damage.

Live Video Surveillance: A Proactive Solution

Live video surveillance is a proactive way to help guard against trespassers, loiterers and other unwanted activity at commercial properties. Trained security operators monitor surveillance cameras in real time to watch incidents in progress. They can activate on-site speaker warnings to alert the suspects they are being watched and if necessary, call police. If something happens during non-monitoring hours, our team of analysts can review the footage to provide relevant video of the incident. Our entire solution can save up to 60 percent on security costs.

For more information about our live video surveillance solutions for shopping centers, warehouses, cannabis facilities and other commercial properties, contact us.

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