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Lone Trespasser Arrested Trolling Construction Site

Posted by Neil Goulding on Jan 18, 2021

In this month’s video, an individual is injured while trespassing on a construction site.

Just after three o’clock in the morning, our cameras picked up activity on an idle construction site. A Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an individual enter the site and proceed to the building that was under construction. Our operator called police and provided details about the suspect.

Responding officers arrived within minutes. They located the injured trespasser, arrested him, then escorted him off the property where an ambulance was waiting.

Trespassers Are a Constant Threat

Construction sites are under constant threats from fires, injuries, theft and trespassers. The losses can include the value of the stolen or damaged equipment and materials, the loss of time that can incur, as well as the liability if someone gets injured.

Sites can be very attractive to outsiders, but there are so many potential hazards including heavy equipment, ditches and unstable surfaces. As a business owner or contractor, you can take steps to make sure that everyone who enters your site, whether welcome or not, stays safe.

Help Mitigate Risk with Remote Video Monitoring

A proactive security solution like remote video monitoring can help deter trespassers and other unwanted activity. Trained security operators utilize analytics-based cameras to monitor the site. If the cameras pick up something that is outside of the pre-programmed parameters, they will alert the operator who can immediately verify the activity and act accordingly.

In addition, the surveillance video can be used as evidence in liability cases to remove culpability from your company by showing proof measurable steps were taken to ensure safety.

If you would like more information about a proactive security solution for your next project, contact us.