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Major Construction Materials Heist Caught on Camera in Texas

Posted by Amy Hite on Mar 10, 2023

Construction materials theft is more than just a property loss issue: thefts impact construction projects by causing significant delays, increases in insurance premiums, and materials replacement costs can have a serious impact on bottom lines.  

Traditional security measures can often prove ineffective at deterring thieves. Remote video monitoring might be the proactive security solution your jobsite is missing. 

Late at night, and long after business on a Texas construction site had concluded for the day, an alert Stealth security operator observed two vehicles arriving in the vicinity of the perimeter fence line. A suspicious individual exited from one of the vehicles and forced their way through a gate, accessing the site, and moving out of camera view. Moments later, a forklift was driven into camera view and was used to load skids of materials from inside the jobsite onto a utility trailer attached to one of the vehicles parked outside the perimeter fence.  

Once the forklift-operating thief was satisfied, they exited the jobsite, entered the vehicle, and proceeded to leave the area. What they failed to notice, however, was that someone was watching. The Stealth security professionals observing the site had contacted local law enforcement, who were dispatched to the area quickly thanks to the detailed description of events given by Stealth operators. Police arrived in the area within minutes and intercepted the would-be thieves, arresting the individuals and recovering the stolen materials.  

Protect Valuable Assets on Your Jobsite with Remote Video Monitoring 

Construction materials and equipment theft has long been an expensive issue for construction businesses, project managers, and jobsite supervisors. The issue has only grown and become a greater concern thanks to rising costs and a thriving materials black market. 

Barrier fencing, gates, and security guards may not be enough. Barriers and gates, as seen above, can be easily breached. Security guards are expensive and can only observe and physically be in one area at a time. Remote video monitoring is a proactive, customizable, and cost-effective security solution that can help deter and disperse unwanted activity, like trespassing, vandalism, and theft. 

Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and trained security professionals to monitor your jobsite in real time, watching for suspicious or unwanted activity, and responding when appropriate to help stop criminals before they can cause losses and damages to your projects. 

Analytics-based cameras alert when there is activity rather than simple movement, and security operators can then follow protocols to sound onsite alarms or contact local police when needed. Thanks to our ability to furnish police dispatch with real-time details and descriptions, our calls are typically elevated in priority, leading to faster police response times.  

Additionally, cameras can be moved and adjusted as the jobsite progresses, allowing for effective security and peak visibility throughout a project. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our proactive security solution can help reduce risks and liability concerns, prevent criminal activity, and save you up to 60% on security spend, contact us today and chat with a construction security specialist.  Texas Private Security License Number: B14187.