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Massive Instant Ramen and Electronics Heists in Georgia – Inventory Protection

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Aug 24, 2018

Recently, USA Today reported about an unusual theft – $100,000 worth of instant ramen noodles was stolen from a tractor trailer in Georgia between July 25 and August 1. According to the news report, the victim left the 53-foot trailer with the inventory inside. When he returned, the trailer was nowhere to be seen.

This wasn’t the only heist to hit Georgia during the summer. Like a scene straight out of an action movie, thieves snuck into an electronics box store by cutting a hole in the ceiling and rappelling down. Once successfully inside, they accessed a secure storage area and stole $100,000 worth of inventory, never once touching the ground. There were no surveillance cameras reported at the scene

Both heists show a lack of inventory protection. Incidents like these can impact a company’s bottom line in three ways. First is the actual cost due to the loss of stolen goods. The second impact is related to the cost to repair the damage caused by the criminals. Finally, repetitive theft at a business may make customers feel unsafe, which has the potential to harm a company’s reputation and affect sales.

There are different ways for properties to manage inventory protection, including security personnel and security technology. Security personnel can take the form of an off-duty police officer or security guard who patrols the property or watches a specific area. For more extensive coverage, businesses may have to hire multiple security guards, which come with their own set of limitations and can be very costly.

Security technology, in the form of live remote video monitoring, combines video analytics and human intelligence to deter crimes and help protect inventory and properties. Trained video operators watch properties in real-time via security cameras with night-vision capabilities. If the video analytics detects unauthorized movements, it will notify a video operator who will determine what action needs to be taken. Quite often, sounding an on-site speaker warning is enough to ward off the criminals but if not, police are immediately called. After the fact, video footage can be used as evidence in investigations.

The two Georgia heists show what can happen without proper inventory protection. A proactive security solution can help deter crime and keep your property safe.

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