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Nefarious Activity in Office Building Parking Lots

Posted by David Charney on Oct 22, 2021

Many unwanted incidents and crimes that take place in office building parking lots and garages tend to occur after hours and/or at night. Because of this, property owners, landlords and managers may not know anything out-of-the-ordinary or sinister took place.

In these videos of office building parking areas, Stealth’s proactive solution not only caught unwanted behaviors through video surveillance cameras in real time, but our trained operators acted as catalysts to deter and deflect such behaviors.

Couple Throws Punches in an Office Parking Lot

At night, a Stealth Monitoring security operator saw an altercation between two individuals in an office building parking lot. A female attempted to grab a cell phone from a male. Our perceptive operator activated the on-site speaker warning, but the individuals ignored it. So, our operator contacted police.

The couple continued to wrestle, moving throughout the parking lot, until the male threw the female to the ground. The female saw the police cruiser as it arrived and walked toward it, followed by the male. Officers questioned the female and arrested the male.

Intoxicated Man Passed Out in His Car Parked Inside a Parking Garage

One of the video cameras at a parking garage that Stealth monitors recorded a car that entered. It was parked in a designated parking spot. Two males exited the vehicle and went inside an office building.

Later that same night, the trunk of the car popped open as a male walked unsteadily toward it. He closed the trunk, opened the driver’s side door and got inside. He backed the car out of the parking spot, but immediately pulled back in. He remained in the car for hours.

A curious Stealth Monitoring security operator noticed this single vehicle parked inside the office parking garage during early morning hours and investigated. Our operator reviewed previously recorded video footage and noticed that the man who had previously walked toward and entered the car appeared to be intoxicated. Police were contacted.

A police cruiser arrived. An officer woke the driver, who had fallen asleep, and arrested him.

What Were These Two Doing Loitering Behind an Office Building?

Two vehicles were spotted by an expertly trained Stealth Monitoring operator pulling into and parking in an office parking lot after hours. The driver of each car emerged from their perspective vehicles and engaged in a brief conversation. They both got into one car and drove off the parking lot. Our operator contacted police.

Sometime later they returned to the parking lot and were met by two police cruisers and two police officers. One driver was arrested; the other was allowed to leave the scene.

Stealth’s Security Operators See Suspicious After-Hour Activities and Act Accordingly to Help Deter Them

Many office buildings deploy surveillance cameras to record all activity – including suspicious or unwanted behaviors and criminal acts – that happens in their parking lots or parking garages. The result is video data as evidence that something happened. This type of reactive security does not stop a crime in progress and if potential suspects cannot be identified from the recorded data, it has little value and produces minimal, if any, positive results.

Stealth Monitoring’s customized video surveillance solutions offer proactive security. Because our solutions work in real time, events are typically caught as they happen. Our expertly trained security monitoring operators are always ready to take immediate action based on developing events. It’s our combination of advanced video analytics interacting with human intelligence that truly sets us apart and our solutions is typically 25-60% more cost effective than traditional security solutions.

In the above videos there are two main factors to pay attention to:

1. All the events happened after hours and during the dark when property owners or managers are not present. They are more than likely home asleep and oblivious to any of these activities.

2. All the offices above had Stealth’s customized video surveillance solution deployed. This resulted in each situation being taken care of safely and effectively before the suspects had a chance to leave the properties.

Contact our team of professionals for more information about Stealth’s proactive security solutions customized for office buildings and their parking lots/garages.