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Office Trespasser Tampering with Electrical Box

Posted by David Charney on Aug 12, 2021

Destruction from vandalism can take time and sometimes top dollar to repair. This can negatively affect your office building’s normal operations and working conditions for tenants.

In the early morning hour of almost 6 o’clock, the observant eye of a trained Stealth Monitoring operator identified a suspicious individual trespassing onto the property of an office building in Dallas, Texas. The trespasser appeared to tamper with industrial-type electrical boxes on the property. This suspicious activity caused our operator to call police.

The trespasser paced back and forth in front of the row of boxes. He then lurked around one of the building’s doors and an industrial ladder attached to the side of the building that leads to the roof. As police arrived on-scene, the trespasser climbed up the ladder.

Officers approached the ladder and worked together, appearing to speak with the individual on the ladder. The trespasser dismounted from the ladder, where the four officers intercepted him. They placed the trespasser in handcuffs and then walked him to a police cruiser.

Live Video Monitoring Helps Deter Criminal Behavior at the Perimeter

Properly safeguarding your office building, especially its perimeter, parking garages, as well as the back of the center, can help limit risk and liability and deter unwanted situations and incidents. It’s important to equip your building with a customized security system to monitor on-site actions to help deter and prevent damage, theft, vandalism and more. Stealth’s remote, live monitoring of digital video cameras can fit your needs and budget to accomplish your security management goals.

As seen in the above video, high-definition security cameras were strategically placed around the office building. These Stealth-monitored cameras can record all action and can retain video for a set time. Our trained operators watch in real time and take action to help minimize damage. With tools at their fingertips such as audio warnings and strong relationships with local authorities, our operators can activate speakers to deter unwanted trespassers and call the local police. They can provide authorities with relevant information and other details taking place in real time. It’s the combination of video analytics and human intelligence that helps ensure your building has the highest level of security.

Contact our experienced security specialists to take a proactive approach to your overall office building security plan at up to 60% cost savings.