Okanagan Construction Site Thefts on The Rise

Posted by Steve Mansell on January 14, 2019

Construction sites in Okanagan, BC are being targeted for heavy equipment, as well as the trailers needed to transport the equipment. Thieves took a mini excavator, a piece of equipment generally worth a lot of money, in broad daylight from a site in Kelowna, in the Okanagan Valley.

An equipment rental company in the area has also lost a compressor, a Bobcat, chainsaws and generators totaling between $75,000 and $145,000. The president of the local excavating company from whom the excavator was stolen believes thieves are stealing the equipment to fulfill customer orders. The president of a home design company in Kelowna feels the underground economy is a driving factor in the ring of thefts. In his opinion, if there weren’t a market for it, there wouldn’t be a need to steal it.

Expensive inventory is a big reason thieves target construction sites. Not only must project managers and contractors deal with the expense of replacing the stolen equipment, the loss can cause costly delays. Quite often, these costs get passed on to the customer and if the project involves new housing construction, it could impact the buyer’s ability to afford the home.

The National Equipment Register (NER) estimates each year, between $300 million and $1 billion USD of equipment is stolen, with less than 25% ever getting recovered. How can you secure a work environment that is constantly changing or may be too large or remote to adequately watch?

Live video surveillance is an effective option that can save up to 60% on your security costs. Stealth Monitoring’s proactive solution uses a combination of video analytics and human intelligence to watch construction sites in real time and catch events as they happen. In addition, we offer other services like mobile and solar monitoring, gate control, as well as long-range and thermal cameras to help protect even the most remote locations.

Construction site theft continues to be an issue for contractors, not only in Okanagan, but all across North America. Deterrence is crucial to keeping thieves at bay. If you would like more information about our construction site security solutions, contact us here.

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