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Our Customized Security Solution is More Than Just Watching Cameras

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Dec 28, 2018

As a business owner or property manager, you know how important surveillance cameras are for general security and safety, loss prevention and as a crime deterrent. However, with today’s innovative technology, security cameras can do much more than just catch criminals.

Stealth Monitoring is an established proactive security solution in Canada and the United States. Our trained video surveillance operators monitor shopping centers, auto dealerships, industrial facilities, construction sites, marijuana dispensaries and other types of commercial properties. In addition to monitoring your property, we also monitor your entire surveillance data network.

Our cameras are equipped with a proprietary software that constantly checks equipment to maximize uptime. The system health check can detect problems related to power, Internet, wireless and camera outages, long before a service truck could arrive on your property. The result is higher camera availability, faster support and fewer expensive truck rolls.

Security cameras also let you monitor and track who is entering and exiting your property. Our access control capabilities are customized and integrated to meet your specific needs. For example, a logistics site will have different requirements than a luxury multi-family apartment complex.

For a logistics site, drivers and visitors communicate via two-way audio and HD surveillance cameras. The video operator can confirm a driver’s credentials, vehicle’s ID and license plates. From there, they can remotely open the gate and follow the driver’s movements throughout the site. When the driver is ready to leave, the access control operator does one final check before opening the exit gate. This can help lessen the likelihood of property damage and other types of suspicious activities.

For multi-family apartment complexes and office spaces, access control can also incorporate a remote concierge. If a guest or delivery person arrives in the lobby, the remote concierge can greet them remotely using two-way communications and surveillance cameras. The solution is available to provide instant service whenever it is needed, eliminating costly on-site concierges who are typically idle more than 50-80% of the time. A resident support line, visitor and parcel management, gate control and timely reports are among its many offerings.

Security cameras can do much more for your business than catch criminals, including gate and access control, as well as providing instant, world-class service to your tenants. Our solution even includes remote health checks and timely service.

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