Armed Individual Arrested at Multifamily Community Before Causing Harm

Posted by Tammy Miller on September 17, 2021

The residents and staff at your multifamily communities expect there to be a certain level of security and safety. When someone threatens that safety, if can impact your vacancy rates, reputation and ultimately your net operating income.

How Does Video Surveillance Help Reduce Cargo Theft?

Posted by Sean Murphy on September 16, 2021

It wasn't until the Suez Canal incident that the world saw just how important it is to move cargo safely and securely. One container ship's blocking 422 ships from passing through the Suez Canal for two weeks cost an estimated $400 million an hour in goods according to Lloyd's…

Stealth’s Multifamily Resident Security Specialists Descend on the Windy City’s Apartmentalize 2021

Posted by Blake Mitchell on September 16, 2021

Stealth Monitoring’s multifamily residential security specialists recently returned from the Windy City’s McCormick Place where NAA’s Apartmentalize 2021 was held. All attendees were challenged to “focus forward” by reconnecting, restarting and reenergizing alongside the rental…

What Is Crime Displacement and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on September 15, 2021

Every city experiences it. One neighborhood would be a low-crime area for decades and then crime starts climbing. You know this happens when neighborhood stores start installing bars on the windows and doors. There are also crime-ridden neighborhoods that flip flop and become…

Proud Past, Promising Future. Meet Us at the 2021 FAA Trade Show.

Posted by Tammy Miller on September 14, 2021

There’s no question the multifamily industry recently faced unprecedented challenges. From conducting virtual tours to the economic fallout that has made it harder for many residents to pay rent, property managers and owners have been forced to rethink their strategies.…

Stealth Monitoring at MJBizCon 2021

Posted by Mark Mariotti on September 13, 2021

Cannabis facilities present a wide range of security challenges. As more states legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use and the industry continues to grow, so too will those challenges. For starters, there are regulatory and compliance issues that vary by state…

Auto Dealership Trespassers Back Themselves into a Corner

Posted by Jeff Purtell on September 10, 2021

Auto dealerships are highly susceptible to inventory theft and property damage from trespassers, loiterers and thieves. As a retail destination, auto dealers want to be inviting to legitimate potential buyers - publicly displaying high-value inventory outside that can entice…

Construction Trespassing and Liability Protection

Posted by Sudesh Jangalee on September 9, 2021

Construction sites seem to be so enticing to some trespassers. There isn’t much that can keep determined intruders off a site. From using an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) to attempt theft to hijacking and joyriding in a heavy piece of machinery, this video shows that dangers abound…