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Package Thief Caught and Arrested in Real Time

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Mar 21, 2022

Residents are entitled to package and mail delivery that is safe, convenient and effective. So, managing how your residents receive their parcels, packages and mail items is important. However, package theft is on the rise, perhaps because the payoff could be great for little effort.

The most powerful way to manage package, mail and parcel theft and keep residents happy is to deploy Stealth’s live video monitoring security solution. Look how our proactive solution saw a thief in action, and how we helped police capture and arrest him in real time.

At almost 6 a.m., an individual entered this apartment building, accessed the mailroom and walked out the door carrying packages – all while our operator was watching. The operator called police dispatch to report a live crime in progress and contacted the property manager to make him aware of the situation.

Police quickly arrived on property, located the individual and placed him under arrest.

Live Video Monitoring Helps Bring Justice in Real Time

To bring thieves like this to justice, it’s important to act in real time while the crime is in progress. This makes arrests and convictions much easier. After the fact, thieves can be hard to locate and identify, much less arrest and prosecute. Stealth’s live video monitoring solution is proactive, providing your community and residents with safety and security in real time.

Our solution can help property owners and managers meet the safety and security expectations from residents. High-definition security cameras are installed in strategic locations around your community. In many cases, it is possible to leverage your existing security cameras, as long as they offer quality views of your community. Cameras will record activity onto the NVR, but at the same time send that camera’s stream to our operator stations in real time.

Our highly trained, off-site, live-monitoring operators review the activity in real time to understand what is going on, and then escalate as needed to resolve the situation. These escalations can include activating on-site audio deterrent speakers, dispatching police, contacting on-call employees, and more.

Because our operators are watching in real time, calls to police register as “live crime in progress,” which can lead to quicker response times – compared to unverified, passive alarms.

Our operators continue to monitor the activity and work towards a resolution. Once a resolution is reached, our team compiles all the relevant video footage and delivers this to you via email. Additionally, Stealth security operators can cooperate with law enforcement to provide needed footage and other relevant details, such as last known location of the suspect.

Want to speak with our apartment security specialists to determine how Stealth’s solution can help your community’s package theft issue? Great! Contact us today!