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Parking Garage Trespasser Arrested for Trying to Access Multiple Vehicles

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Nov 8, 2021

Parking garages can be a treasure trove of valuable items for thieves. Each vehicle parked inside has the potential of being a “treasure box” filled with irreplaceable, personal belongings; money; smartphones; brand-named stereo systems; and more. Basically, anything that a thief views as “valuable” is fair game.

See how Stealth’s live video monitoring of parking garages can help deter this type of theft in the following video.

Late one night, a Stealth Monitoring security professional saw an individual back his car into a parking spot on the fourth floor of a California multifamily residential parking garage. The subject exited his vehicle and walked towards some other cars parked in the garage. He was able to access one of them and appeared to remove a backpack, which he promptly put inside his own car.

The trespasser then made his way to the elevator bank. When the elevator arrived, he got inside and went to several other floors in the garage. He tugged on the door handles of multiple vehicles trying to access them. Our monitoring operator continued to watch the trespasser and called police.

Within minutes, two police cruisers arrived and could be seen driving through the garage. At the same time, the suspect had returned to his vehicle and was attempting to flee the garage. Anaheim police officers caught up to the perpetrator. Two officers removed the suspect from his vehicle, handcuffed and placed him under arrest.

Live Video Monitoring Deployed Within Your Parking Garage has the Potential to Deter and Avert Crime During the Incident

While a highly sought-after amenity for multifamily residents as well as patrons of high-rise office buildings, parking garages can be a recurring security pain point for property owners. At times, traffic flow is erratic. It can be difficult to discern loiterers, trespassers and thieves as people walk to and from vehicles and move around inside the parking garage. Additionally, parking garages consist of various levels and have large concrete beams and other little dark corners which are ideal places for trespassers and thieves to hide. Even the vehicles parked inside can be used as cover to hide under or even inside.

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution is customized for the parking garage environment. It uses properly placed, high-definition cameras with advanced video analytics and human intelligence. With this powerful combination, we help catch events and respond appropriately in real time. The goal is to take a proactive approach to deter suspicious, unwanted and criminal incidents as they take place.

In the video above, our trained security monitoring operator got in on the action as it began. As soon as the driver parked his vehicle, our operator honed in on observing the suspect’s questionable behavior and actions. Our operator contacted police and continued to watch as he stole a backpack, moved up and down various levels and attempted to access multiple vehicles. Our operator’s eyes never left the whereabouts of the suspect. Because our operator acted during the event, police were able to arrest the suspect while he was still on the property. Problem averted!

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