Perimeter Fence is No Match for Determined Trespasser

Posted by Paul Gross on August 17, 2020

Around 1:30 a.m., a Stealth Monitoring security operator spotted a trespasser on a construction site. Our operator activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspect ignored. The operator activated the speaker warning again a few minutes later. Still no reaction from the trespasser, so our monitoring operator contacted the local authorities.

Within minutes, police officers arrived and entered the project site. They located the suspect, escorted him out of the site and placed him under arrest.

The Importance of a Perimeter Fence

Construction sites are filled with hazards and dangers, especially when the proper safety measures aren’t taken. Between open ditches, sharp objects and misplaced materials, there are risks to people and vehicles around every corner.

One of the first safety measures a contractor should take is to put up a temporary perimeter fence. Fences are versatile, inexpensive and easy to use. They can help keep trespassers out and materials and equipment in. Not to mention that if a trespasser gets injured on your site, the potential headaches and legal issues that could result.

In some cases, a fence is enough to deter unwanted visitors. However, those who are determined to get in will find a way, either by jumping over it or cutting through it. That’s why you should integrate multiple layers of security. The more layers you have, the longer it will take to penetrate your site.

Remote Video Monitoring – Part of a Layered Security Solution

Remote video monitoring can be an effective part of a layered security solution. Trained security operators watch analytics-based surveillance cameras to help deter crime and stop suspects before any damage is done and often before they leave the property. This proactive solution works to minimize liability, risk issues and business interruptions.

Construction sites are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Especially at night when no one is there. Our construction security specialists can customize a solution that is right for your project.

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