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Police Arrive to Confront Construction Trespasser on Site

Posted by Evan Slattery on Feb 22, 2022

Theft and vandalism are common occurrences on active construction sites. For these acts to occur, an individual or group of individuals must first physically trespass onto the property to gain access to construction site items to steal, vandalize and damage. Deterring trespassers can be an effective strategy to help prevent these types of unwanted incidents.

This video shows how Stealth’s remote video monitoring solution helped deter a trespasser before any damage or undesirable events could take place.

Minutes before midnight, an individual wearing a black jacket and black pants was seen by our highly trained security operator entering onto an active construction site. The trespasser walked into a blind spot but quickly re-emerged to open and shut the door to a building in progress. Our operator contacted local police and provided a description and the last known location of the suspect.

Our operator switched to a different camera that focused on partially built apartment structures. A light was seen flickering on and off through a second-floor window attached to a balcony. Individuals were seen walking out and onto the balcony.

The Stealth operator switched back to the previous camera and saw that police cruisers had arrived on-site. After searching the property, officers located the trespasser and issued a trespassing warrant.

Deterring Trespassers and the Act of Trespassing is a Matter of Timing

Dodge Data & Analytics is predicting a 6% rise in construction starts for 2022. One of Dodge’s chief economists credits the residential sector for total starts this year being above 2019 levels. Residential starts in 2019 only increased by 3% and are forecast up 7% in 2022. This means more active construction sites that need and will need effective security to help protect employees, assets, tools, equipment, etc.

Perhaps the most important element of deterring trespassers is timing. The quicker a trespasser(s) can be detected the quicker that individual or group of people can be deterred. The quicker the individual or group is deterred, deflected or stopped, the less likely that theft, vandalism, loitering or other unwanted behaviors will be carried out on your active construction site.

Stealth’s remote video monitoring security solution uses advanced video analytics and human intelligence to ensure time is of the essence. These analytics are pre-programmed onto high-definition video cameras that are placed throughout your site to capture incidents and events in real time. The analytics make it so that the technology can detect certain activities by filtering through live video streams. When one of those activities is identified by the technology, it alerts a highly qualified Stealth monitoring operator who takes over to analyze and determine next steps to deter and deflect the situation. This process is typically carried out in a matter of minutes.

Our security solution is customizable and changeable as your construction site evolves to provide the highest possible security at any stage of the construction process. Our solution also records and archives your site’s activities 24/7. Our video review team can extract video clips on particular days and at precise times and create a formal, written report of the incident. Video clips and reports can be used in court and submitted to local authorities, should the need arise. They can also be used to help manage various on-site projects and help make sure they are completed on time and within budget. This valuable service is included in the price of the solution.

Contact our construction security specialists today to discuss how remote video monitoring provides timely, proactive responses to trespassing at a price point that is typically 25-60% less than traditional security solutions.