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Police Escort Trespasser Off Construction Site

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Jul 1, 2021

Active construction sites can struggle with a variety of security challenges, such as trespassing, which at first may seem harmless, but can lead to theft, vandalism and liability concerns. A designer and builder of condos and townhomes throughout British Colombia realizes this and relies on remotely located, trained Stealth Monitoring operators to stay alert and at the ready to take proactive action should an incident present itself.

Early one morning, an individual was seen on this developer’s active construction site. One of our trained monitoring operators noticed an individual trespass from a blind spot, entering an unfinished building. The operator activated on-site speakers warning the suspect he was being watched, then contacted police with the last known location of the on-site trespasser.

Upon arrival, police entered the construction site, intercepted the trespasser and removed her from the site.

Real-Time Video Monitoring Aids in Deterring Unwanted Visitors

Construction sites can tempt trespassers with curiosity or thrill-seeking. The presence of tools, equipment and materials can quickly be seen as and become a “playground” for thieves. Uninvited guests of any type can cause serious problems. Sometimes construction companies are even held liable should a trespasser or thief get injured on their property.

Using real-time video monitoring puts you in control of your construction site’s security. Instead of waiting for an incident to occur, trained Stealth Monitoring operators watch for and assess suspicious activities and take appropriate action steps to deter undesired conduct, such as trespassing.

Contact a Stealth professional to discuss how remote video monitoring and the use of on-site speakers and talk-down warnings are powerful strategies for your construction-related security.