What is Property Damage Liability and Who is Responsible?

Posted by Rick Charney on October 1, 2018

The term property damage liability is batted around a lot in the insurance industry, but what exactly is it? Put simply, if you are the cause of an accident, whether you hit a gate, a building or another vehicle, your property damage liability coverage will pay for it. Additionally, it will cover legal costs if you are sued as a result of the damage. Sounds simple, right? If you are a property owner or manager whose premises gets damaged, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is responsible.

Remote video monitoring can help you prove liability. During monitoring hours, a trained video surveillance operator can watch apartment complexes, parking garages, office buildings or any other type of commercial property in real-time to spot any unusual activity. If an incident takes place during non-monitoring hours, the recorded footage can be analyzed by a video review team and used as evidence in property damage liability cases.

Our video review team found the following surveillance video which clearly shows who was involved in damaging a retail window. The faces have been blurred.

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