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Recycling Facility Thief Busted with Live Video Surveillance

Posted by Peter Laing on Apr 10, 2023

Scrap and recycling facilities are routinely faced with security concerns. Theft of scrap and recycling materials is so widespread that New York City recently conducted an investigation that revealed out of state unlicensed haulers were stealing approximately 15,000 tons of recyclable materials from curbsides in Manhattan alone each year. 

Scrap yards and recycling centers are an almost irresistible target for thieves looking to get a quick score from discarded materials. See what happened when a thief went after materials at a Toronto recycling center, unaware that Stealth Monitoring was watching. 

While observing surveillance feeds of a Toronto recycling center, Stealth security professionals caught sight of someone out of place. A closer look revealed that the individual was clearly stealing materials. Onsite speakers were activated, and local law enforcement contacted due to the nature of the activity being observed. At approximately 7:06 p.m., local police were dispatched to the area, and officers were observed on the property making contact with, and ultimately arresting, the individual. 

Help Reduce Theft and Mitigate Liability with Live Video Monitoring 

With the value of a variety of scrap materials increasing, along with a thriving black market for metals like copper, steel, and aluminum commonly found at scrap and recycling centers, security solutions are in higher demand than ever before. 

Fences, gates, and even guards are often not enough to stop determined criminals. Proactive security measures, like Stealth’s live video monitoring, can help. 

Stealth’s live video monitoring solution uses trained security operators to watch strategically placed analytics-based cameras in real time, watching for suspicious or unwanted activity. When our security operators spot someone or something out of place, they can sound onsite speaker warnings, or contact local law enforcement when necessary. 

Just as in the case above, officers typically respond to our calls quickly thanks to the live data and descriptions of activity we are able to provide. Our ability to verify activity as it happens leads to improved security outcomes and fewer false alarm calls.   

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