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Remote Concierge: The Future of Resident Service is Here

Posted by Chris O' Rourke on Jul 23, 2018

Many upscale apartments offer amenities that add to the prestige of the property to compete with the growing number of renters in North America. To make living easier and more convenient, some multifamily residential properties provide an on-site concierge service. This typically comes in the form of a doorman or security guard who is on the premises 24/7. While that may be beneficial to your residents, it can be costly for you. On average, concierges are “idle” 50-80% of the time, offering little tangible value to your property or your residents. How can you reduce your costs without compromising service?

Stealth’s Remote Concierge (RC) provides a comprehensive suite of digital services that give your residents a world-class experience while increasing your net operating income. It gives your residents instant service 100% of the time. The system uses IP surveillance cameras and proprietary software, as well as one-and two-way audio, to instantly interact with residents through phones or intercoms and provide the same service as on-site personnel at a fraction of the price. This includes letting people in and out of the building, giving directions, accepting and distributing packages, booking amenities, monitoring the premises, providing reports and many other daily duties. Click the video below to see this service in action.

Remote Concierge is flexible and can be modified to meet your specific needs and budget. Because we are always on duty, we can manage multiple buildings at the same time, increasing your coverage while keeping costs to a minimum. Using advanced technology and IP surveillance cameras that are being watched in real time, it’s an effective add-on to your apartment security solution.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Remote Concierge and our multifamily apartment complex security systems, contact us here.