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Remote Surveillance Systems Provide Proactive Security

Posted by Steve Mansell on Mar 16, 2018

A remote surveillance system incorporates multiple outdoor security cameras strategically placed around construction sites to help avoid potential hazards. This includes isolated and small spaces commonly found at project locations, as well as key risk areas which could cause harm to anyone on the site. Extreme weather conditions, heavy machinery and temporarily-installed equipment can prove to be safety nightmares.

At 2:14 a.m., two trespassers climbed scaffolding at a construction site. A UCIT security operator watched as they continued their climb and called police. Responding officers arrived minutes later, made contact with the suspects, and placed them under arrest.

Climbing Trespassers Arrested at Construction Site

Keep Your Site Safe with Remote Surveillance Systems

The captured remote surveillance video showed there may have been water on the scaffolding from the rainy weather conditions. The slippery surface could have proved dangerous to the trespassers and the responding officers had they lost their footing and fallen.

Construction site liability is a growing problem. A proactive remote surveillance system can protect contractors, visitors, and construction site property managers from injury and liability by watching for risky situations in real time. Scaffolding-related incidents are one of the most common hazards at construction sites. As mentioned in a previous article, there are approximately 4,5000 scaffold-related injuries and 50 deaths every year.

Workers comp claims and insurance investigations can cost construction companies millions of dollars. A proactively watched remote surveillance systems can ensure that safety procedures are being followed. We have helped many clients eliminate injury claims by providing detailed video of site events.

In addition to liability protection and overall security of a construction site, a remote surveillance system has operational benefits, as well. Many clients utilize time-lapse video capabilities to showcase the development and status of their construction projects to stakeholders and other important influences.

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