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Remote Video Monitoring Leads Police to Construction Site Trespasser

Posted by Amy Hite on Apr 8, 2022

Construction sites can be a safety and security nightmare. At any give time, there could be dozens of people coming and going, navigating around multiple hazards. After hours, construction sites become very alluring to thieves, transients and even daredevils. That makes having an effective, proactive security solution even more crucial.

Shortly before midnight, our cameras picked up an individual climbing the fence of a construction site and alerted a trained security operator. Our monitoring operator immediately activated the on-site speaker warning, which the suspect ignored. Our operator then called local police.

The trespasser continued to make his way through the site and could be seen ascending some stairs. Responding officers were at the site moments later, patrolling the perimeter in their vehicle. Two officers and the site supervisor were observed within the property entering the building where the trespasser was last seen. All four individuals exited the property. The suspect was taken into custody.

Help Protect Your  Site from Construction Trespassers

Keeping trespassers out of your construction site can be challenging, to say the least. Whether someone accesses the site to steal valuable materials or equipment, is looking for an adventure or merely seeking a shortcut, there are numerous dangerous and costly outcomes that could potentially result, including injury, death or financial liabilities.

The most effective way to keep unauthorized visitors off your site is to try to prevent them from entering it in the first place. Putting up signs, enhancing lighting and installing a fence are a good first line of defense. However, as you saw in the video, these aren’t always enough to deter determined intruders.

A proactive security solution like remote video monitoring is a cost-effective way to help protect your valuable assets. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras to keep watch on your site when you’re not there. When the technology in the cameras detects suspicious behavior, such as a trespasser climbing the fence, it will alert a security professional who can jump in and take action.

In the video above, our operator immediately activated an on-site speaker warning letting the trespasser know he was being watched and to leave the premises. When the intruder ignored the warning, the monitoring operator called police.

Because we are watching crimes in progress and have the video verification to prove it, police typically elevate the priority level of the call which often results in their arrival on the scene while the suspects are still there or nearby.

In addition to keeping watch overnight and on weekends, our cameras continue to record 24/7. So, if there is an incident in question that happens during the day, you will likely have the video evidence to help resolve the issue.

If you’re interested in learning more about a proactive and cost-effective security solution for your construction business, contact us.