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Repeat Mail Thief Caught Red Handed

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Jul 19, 2021

In the dark of night, trespassers, loiters and thieves can attempt to access multifamily residential properties. Planning the placement of video surveillance cameras to record activity in high-target areas, such as the mail center and security cages, can help deter loitering, theft and trespassing.

A Stealth Monitoring operator spots an individual ascending the stairs in a multifamily residential community. The suspect tries to access the door of a security cage, but it’s locked. Placing a round object near the locked door, he climbs over. Once inside, he opens the door and grabs the object.

Our trained operator sounds an audible warning, which the suspect ignores. Our operator then calls police.

After entering the community’s mailroom, he uses a key to access resident’s mailboxes, stealing pieces of mail and placing them into the round foldable tote. He shuts the mailbox doors and relocks them. The thief grabs the tote and exits the mailroom as police arrive on scene.

He walks through a parking garage and is then apprehended by an officer.

Stealth’s Persist Live Monitoring Helps to Finally Put an End to Theft

A high priority of multifamily apartment complexes is to take proactive actions that demonstrate to residents and staff that their environment is safe and secure. This helps maximize rental rates, minimize vacancy and retain stellar employees.

Stealth’s trained operators monitor for suspicious activity on multifamily properties. Based on the activity our operators see in real time, they can see special notes on their screen related to specific properties and follow established protocols for each property.

In this video, our operator was able to follow established protocols that included activating a speaker warning and calling police to report the suspicious individual who climbed the property’s mailbox security fencing. Police officers placed the potential mail thief directly in front of the camera and our operator positively identified the individual as a repeat mail thief who was yet to be caught.

our multifamily experts to discuss how we can help deter potential theft on your multifamily residential property.