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Roaming Parking Garage Loiterer Caught Trying to Access Vehicles

Posted by Brandon Koepnick on Aug 16, 2021

During late-night hours, one of our trained Stealth security professionals observed a suspicious male roaming around a multifamily community’s parking garage. Our operator noticed him attempting to access multiple vehicles parked within the garage, so police were notified.

Moments later, a police cruiser arrived on scene. The officer driving the vehicle pulled up beside the loiter who was still sauntering through the parking garage and parked the car. The officer exited his cruiser and approached the suspect.

It appears the officer was speaking with the suspect and had him sit on the floor of the parking garage as another police cruiser and officer arrived on scene.

Our operator confirmed with police that the loiterer was arrested.

Multifamily Parking Garage Security Thrives with Live Monitoring

Parking garages connected to or as a separate amenity offered at multifamily communities present unique security challenges. Residents who park in the same spaces each time can alert thieves as to their coming and going, making themselves more prone to being victims.

Hiding spots between and under vehicles and behind or beside concrete support beams are plenty. Low lighting can also be an issue as it gives just enough illumination for perpetrators to lurk about and steal wheels, tires, catalytic converters and other valuables inside vehicles.

Stealth’s live video monitoring is an efficient choice for parking garage security. Our trained operators work with technology – video analytics – to watch for criminal activity and interpret suspicious situations in progress. Our operators can watch your property in real time from a variety of vantage points that cover many areas to help identify crime and deter crime, sometimes before it even happens.

When considering a live monitoring security plan for your parking garage, consider adding speakers to your system. When our operators notice suspicious individuals, speakers can be activated to issue a verbal warning. Trespassers and loiterers do not want to draw attention to themselves and are usually unaware they are being watched. Sometimes all it takes is an audible to deter potential crimes.

Contact us to discuss how video surveillance cameras with live video monitoring and audio-deterrent speakers can provide a robust, integrated security solution for your community that costs up to 60 percent less than traditional security guards.