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Rooftop Security Helps Wrangle Wire Thief

Posted by Rick Charney on Dec 14, 2020

In this month’s video, a trespasser climbed onto the rooftop of a retail center to shop for metal wiring.

At approximately 1:30 in the morning, a Stealth Monitoring security operator witnessed an individual climbing a ladder leading to the roof of a Dallas retail center. Our operator called to dispatch police. The suspect was walking around the roof, collecting wires presumably from the HVAC units. At one point, he walked right in front of our cameras with a handful of cables.

Officers arrived and searched the area, but the suspect had left the scene. Using the description provided to them by our monitoring operator, police were able to locate the individual and place him under arrest. Investigators asked our video review team for additional footage, as well as screen images of the suspect to help in their case.

The Value of Copper is Tempting Thieves

The value of copper and other metals is driving criminals to forage for wiring and piping wherever they can find them. A common target are HVAC units, often found on rooftops of offices, schools, shopping centers and other commercial buildings.

These incidents can not only be a huge inconvenience for the property owners, but the metals can also be expensive to replace. Additionally, stolen wiring can temporarily close a business, which can result in loss of revenue.

Help Secure Your Investment with Live Video Monitoring

Because a shopping center has multiple tenants, it likely has several HVAC units. A proactive security solution can help keep them safe. Live video monitoring combines human intelligence with advanced technology to watch for crimes in progress. Trained security operators monitor analytics-based cameras in real time to help deter and minimize damage.

Even if your property has security guards, how often do they patrol the roof? Our cameras can be strategically placed to watch multiple areas simultaneously and cover more ground than a guard. If we spot something suspicious, we can act immediately. The combination of live monitoring and a strong partnership with local law enforcement agencies can create a highly successful security solution.

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