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Stalled Out Vehicle at Construction Site Perimeter Leads to Apprehension

Posted by Natalie Pettus on Jul 2, 2021

A best practice for adding a layer of security to a construction site is to install perimeter fencing. It’s a line of defense to limit the chance of unauthorized site access and potential loitering and property theft. It is important, however, to also add professional monitoring of a construction site’s perimeter.

At an apartment complex construction site in Commerce City, Colorado, a dark-colored sedan was driven into a ditch close to the site’s perimeter fence line. The vehicle appeared to be immobile.

Shortly after, two individuals exited the vehicle and attempted to push the vehicle out of the ditch. They were unsuccessful. Both individuals then walked back and forth from the vehicle to the site’s fence line. Our trained Stealth Monitoring operator was unable to determine the individuals’ activities.

They attempted several times to push the vehicle out of the ditch. Our operator called the police and reported the suspects’ location due to the nature of the activity.

Police officers arrived near the site and intercepted the two suspects. The car was loaded onto a tow truck and taken away. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and placed into a police cruiser.

Perimeter Fencing and Remote Video Monitoring Fit Together Like a Hand and Glove

Questionable activity can happen just outside the perimeter fencing of a construction site. A fence acts as a first line of defense to delay or reduce the chance of site access. Construction site fencing is usually temporary and made of chain link because it’s durable, can be tall and is difficult to climb.

Adding remote video monitoring increases the layers of security to your construction site. It allows our highly trained monitoring operators to see what is going on at the perimeter and respond, as necessary. This can help reduce the chance of theft and property damage, and in the case of this incident, it helped keep a drunk driver from getting back out on the road.

It can also help supplement any on-site guards you may have. Because guards are limited in their scope of coverage, many sites opt to add remote video monitoring. Stealth Monitoring operators can watch your site from multiple cameras at once, often covering areas that are not easily accessible to a guard. This helps to provide the highest possible level of security.

To discuss the benefits of layering security with remote video monitoring to amplify your construction site’s perimeter security and how you can save 25-60% on security costs, contact us.