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Stealth Monitoring Team Helps Police Locate Construction Site Trespasser

Posted by Blake Mitchell on Oct 1, 2021


One of our attentive, trained Stealth Monitoring security operators watched an individual breach entry by crawling under the tarp of a construction site perimeter fence to gain unauthorized access. The individual wandered through the site. Our operator used a variety of on-site cameras to keep watch. He made his way past some heavy-duty equipment before ducking under a warning tape and into a building under construction. The individual remained out of camera view.

Our operator contacted local police and informed officers of the suspect’s last known location on the construction site. Changing cameras to obtain different views, our operator saw officers arrive and search the site. Officers intercepted and arrested the suspect, and then escorted the individual off the site.

Multiple Cameras, a Trained Security Operator and Remote Video Monitoring Trifecta Helped Lead to Trespasser

Construction sites take up an extensive amount of space. Found within is a working environment that constantly changes based on building progress, setbacks, use of various types of equipment, schedules, etc. As a result, there are, many security challenges including vandalism, theft, trespassing and loitering, as well as potential liability issues.

One of the best ways to help protect all the assets on a site is by utilizing professionally monitored surveillance cameras. Our trained security operators can access multiple cameras concurrently and watch as each camera records various parts of an unfolding incident in real time.

Once Stealth operators determine that contacting police is part of your property’s proactive protocol, our operators can stay on the phone with police dispatch to relay pertinent information about the incident and suspect(s), such as last known location and color and type of clothing. This makes it highly probable that officers will quickly find, apprehend and arrest bad actors before they have time to flee the scene.

Our trifecta of multiple analytics-based video surveillance cameras, trained monitoring operators and remote monitoring can be used to supplement any onsite guards to more effectively watch your project. Our system also records and archives all site activities around the clock. Our video review team can watch your footage for certain situations, export that part of the video along with a report and send to you. This saves you and your team hours of time searching for an exact event. The video and reports can be used in cases of liability and to improve your business processes, such as ensuring only authorized personnel are on-site on certain dates and at times.

To learn more about how Stealth’s customized, proactive solutions for construction sites can help reduce and deter unwanted activities on your property, contact our experts.