Suspect Tries to Run from Police at Dealership

Posted by Jeff Purtell on July 23, 2021

For some, vehicle dealerships present a vast number of opportunities to commit a crime – from theft to vandalism to trespassing and loitering. Dealerships typically stock a variety of vehicles outside for public display that can tempt individuals. Live video monitoring is an effective tool in managing dealerships and can help deter potential after-hour crimes, when lots are void of employees.

An experienced Stealth Monitoring security operator notices a male walking between vehicles at a dealership after hours attempting to gain access. The operator engages the pan-tilt-zoom camera to keep an eye on the suspicious individual as police are called. He finds an unlocked, black car that apparently has the key inside. He starts the engine and drives around the dealership.

He then parks the car, exits and begins checking other parked vehicle inventory in the dealership parking lot, attempting to gain entry. The trespasser opens the door to a blue car, leans inside for a few seconds, then returns to the black car and drives off the lit lot into what appears to be a back lot and parks the car.

Police arrive on scene. The individual notices and takes off running between cars! The operator uses the video cameras to follow the suspect as police drive through the lot attempting to capture him. Officers track him down, then detain and handcuff him, before walking him toward the police cruiser.

Quick, Thoughtful Action Based on Live Video Monitoring

Vehicle dealerships are susceptible to inventory theft and damage. Live video monitoring grants trained, skilled operators the ability to watch dealerships’ perimeters, parking lots, access points, show rooms and buildings in real time to discover events in progress. This proactive solution by Stealth can be customized to your dealership’s layout at 25% to 60% less than traditional security guards.

In this video, a Stealth operator was able to notice a suspicious individual on a dealership’s property. The quick-thinking operator used the alerts from our advanced analytics and acted on the customized site protocols to make an immediate decision and help protect the dealerships assets. When the operator noticed he was attempting to gain access to various vehicles, the operator immediately called to dispatch the police and stayed on the line to help direct the police to where the perpetrator was located.

Upon police arrival, the individual ran throughout the dealership, weaving between parked vehicle inventory and our operator was able to keep a close watch on his whereabouts. This gave police the advantage as the operator was reporting the exact location of the suspect during his running escapade. Police were able to catch the individual, detain and handcuff him.

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