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Suspicious Suspect Poking Around Apartment Package Room

Posted by Alex Godwin-Austen on Jan 7, 2022

A main and common security issue for multifamily communities is package storage and retrieval for residents. Communities must balance safely storing packages for residents while allowing them to retrieve their packages on days and at times that are convenient for them. The following video shows how Stealth can help keep residents’ packages protected from potential theft with live video monitoring.

At approximately 2 o’clock in the morning, a suspicious individual with a backpack, walking a bicycle through a multifamily property’s glass door, was seen by one of Stealth’s highly trained security operators. Right away, our operator sounded the on-site speaker warning, but the suspect ignored it. The individual propped the bike up against what appears to be a wall and began tampering with a package lock box. Stealth’s operator contacted police.

The individual opened a door adjacent to the box, peeked inside and dropped his backpack onto the floor. He walked back to the entry door and attempted to prop it open. Unsuccessful, the trespasser went back to the lock box and fumbled with it.

He opened the adjacent door, threw his backpack across the threshold and then walked the bike through. He re-entered wearing his backpack and walking his bike.

As he exited the glass door, he was met by two police officers who handcuffed him and patted the suspect down, before arresting him.

Keep Packages Out of the Hands of Thieves with Live Video Monitoring

In our current economy, stores are closing their doors or limiting operating hours, yet demand for product and services is still the same, if not higher in some instances. To fulfill their needs, people are ordering more and receiving packages and parcels at their residences. Unfortunately, this new normal has created limitless opportunities for thieves to pilfer and steal packages.

A recent survey found that approximately 40% of package theft occurs in multifamily apartment communities. Locked or unlocked closets, enclosed mailrooms, open rooms, lockers and leasing offices are all common areas community managers and employees will store accepted packages for residents. With such a high influx of packages being received, however, keeping them out of the hands of thieves can be a challenge.

Stealth Monitoring’s security solution for multifamily communities can help deter package thieves while helping residents retrieve their packages after hours or when management or staff are not available. Our customized video monitoring solution works in real time. Should a thief pilfer or attempt to steal a package, our solution would likely catch this activity and our highly trained security operators would be alerted with advanced video analytics. A Stealth operator would then take over and make immediate decisions to deter the activity, such as sounding audio warnings or contacting police.

Two unique services that Stealth offers to apartment communities that will enhance their residents’ package and parcel retrieving experience is remote concierge and entry management. With remote concierge, we manage the main lobby and front desk through high-definition video conferencing technology. Residents can speak directly with a trained concierge who can then use our entry management solution, a combination of video cameras, remote access, software and intercoms, to allow or deny access to your community’s package storage area. Our operators can help verify that the resident is who they say they are before allowing access for package retrieval.

Contact us for more information about Stealth’s proactive, customized live video monitoring today and how adding remote concierge and entry management can help enhance your resident’s living experience at your community.