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Thieves Scour Parking Lots for Unlocked Vehicles

Posted by Eric Nauta on Aug 5, 2021

There are many reasons trespassers, thieves and other malicious people attempt to gain access to vehicles. Maybe they notice an intriguing item or two inside. Perhaps they want to steal the vehicle. Even still, they might want to take parts, such as catalytic converters, rims and tires, all of which have high resell value.

No matter the reason, Stealth Monitoring security operators are remote professionals ready to watch for suspicious incidents involving vehicles and may respond with the most effective action.

The following video shows six different multifamily parking lot/garage-related incidents in which our operators played an integral role in deterring potential criminal activity.

Trespasser Tugs on Vehicle Door Handles in Parking Garage

A trained Stealth security operator watched remotely as a trespasser weaved in and out of parked, vacant vehicles in a parking garage. He stopped intermittently to tug on random vehicles’ door handles. Our operator contacted local police who promptly arrived on scene.

Suspect Tried to Outrun Officers after Pulling on Vehicle Doors

At a multifamily community, our remote security operator saw an individual walk between parked vehicles attempting to gain access. Our operator called police.

As he gained access to a vehicle’s trunk, he noticed two officers coming toward him and he ran. Officers chased him on foot, caught and handcuffed him, and led him back toward police cars in handcuffs.

Car Thief Tried to Hide Under Vehicle in Parking Garage

Our highly skilled operator saw a suspicious individual crisscross from vehicle to vehicle. The individual tested the door handles of several parked vehicles as our operator contacted police.

Hiding places aplenty in parking garages, the individual attempted to hide under a parked vehicle, but the officer wasn’t outwitted. He made contact, handcuffed and led the suspect to the police car.

Parking Lot Altercation Leads to Arrest (1:24-1:55)

A man was seen parking a truck on top of a parking garage, exit and attempt to open the door of a white car parked in the garage. A female approached the white car, and the individuals appeared to argue. Our instinctive security operator immediately contacted police.

The female exited the top floor of the parking garage, walked down the drive ramp, while the man re-entered the white car. He moved it to a different parking space of the garage. Police intercepted him driving his truck down the parking garage and arrested him.

Loiterer Snooping Around Parking Garage

A loiterer was seen by our skillful monitoring operator meddling around a parking garage and peering into a parked vehicle’s windows. Police were called.

After looking under the vehicle, he took the parking garage elevator and was seen loafing around a restaurant seating area. Police met the loiterer as he walked beside the property, handcuffed him and walked him to the police cruiser.

Suspicious Person Roaming Around Parking Garage

A Stealth monitoring operator, who is competent in recognizing suspicious behavior, saw a male individual wandering around a parking garage trying to access multiple parked vehicles. Our operator called police who promptly arrived on scene.

An officer made contact with and spoke with the suspicious male as police back up arrived.

Community Common Areas Require Proactive Security

Interestingly, according to the Rental Protection Agency, an apartment is rented every 80 seconds, which means apartment communities have a frequently changing population of residents at any given time. This presents a challenge to apartment community owners and managers to maintain a safe and secure place to live for a diverse group of residents.

Parking garages connected to, or a part of, an apartment community can be easy entry points into the community itself. They can also present opportunities for thieves, loiterers, trespassers and other suspicious individuals to peruse and potentially intrude into resident’s and visitor’s parked vehicles. Stealth’s proactive, customized security solution for apartment communities is the answer.

Most multifamily, residential communities have common areas such as parking lots and garages, laundry rooms and designated mail stations. These areas can be prone to suspicious or even criminal activity. Stealth’s live video monitoring and surveillance for residential communities as a line of defense uses video analytics and trained operators to identify questionable activity in real time. Speakers can be activated to offer a verbal warning to deter potential crimes and unwanted people on premises. Our operators also call police with live reports of suspicious, in-progress activities often before any damage is realized. This is Stealth’s key advantage, and it can help prevent crime before it happens.

Contact us to add or upgrade your community’s security with a customized, proactive security solution from Stealth.